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Artemis Birth Attendant (ABAA) understand that occasions arise where cancelling a course is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances and we therefore try to be flexible in our approach to each individual accordingly.


ABAA are financially affected by course. cancellation - Merchandise, paying for speakers, course materials, printing, booking software etc 

Course cancellation

In order for a cancellation to be valid, ABAA must be notified in writing by letter or email 

We can of course provide a full refund as per Trading Standards if the refund is requested within 14 days of booking (this only applies if services/courses have NOT been rendered within those 14 days) 



67 Cartbridge Lane South 

The deposit (Either £1000 or £750 depending on the package) for our Birth Attendant Course is non refundable. 

If you need to cancel a ABAA course or switch dates, you must do so at least 4 weeks in advance in order to avoid paying a 50% cancellation fee of the remaining fee. If you give less than 4 weeks notice prior to the course date, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the training fee.

If you cancel more than 4 weeks in advance of the course we can offer you a 50% discount (less deposit) for example. If you paid for the course in full which is £7000, part of that payment includes the non refundable deposit (£1000) we will offer you 50% of the balance (£3000) 

If you can cancel after the course commences there will be no refund

If ABAA cancel a course, you will be entitled to a full refund or move your booking to another course date.


You agree by enrolling on our courses that we take no responsibility for your professional conduct. We are not responsible for any malpractice on your part. You acknowledge that we train in natural and holistic practice NOT clinical. 

You will be responsible for seeking out appropriate insurance, writing contracts and waivers for your clients. You will read our code of conduct on the course area.    

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